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NG BBS Awards 2013 quiz solution

Posted by MatthewF - January 16th, 2014

Link to game

Walkthrough for the main quiz.  I believe it is correct.

  • saqwert
  • jester
  • tox
  • Wriggle
  • 19
  • Xenomit
  • sekhem
  • Sense-Offender
  • SCTE3
  • Dr-Worm
  • EJR
  • 18
  • Sevkat
  • supergandhi64
  • supergandhi64
  • supergandhi64
  • supergandhi64
  • supergandhi64
  • supergandhi64
  • supergandhi64
  • 5 (I swear this is a mistake since I counted 7 awards unless he means first places only)
  • stafffighter
  • ZJ
  • MrSoxFan
  • yurgenburgen
  • Amaranthus
  • 24901 (Pretty sure this is what he is asking for)
  • Gagsy
  • Stamper
  • Rummy0 Emma
  • Shibe
  • Master Creator
  • JRob Luer
  • poxpower
  • Asandir
  • FromADistance
  • Bahamut
  • Exudaz
  • QualityX
  • Opinions
  • CyberDevil
  • 42

Comments (5)

Wow, if I hadn't played it once already... this is a really good list, thanks for putting it up! It's too long though, and I'll make sure the next one he does isn't over a dozen questions!

I tried this quiz 7 times and im sick of getting 41 every time so i decided to look some answers. Your list is incorrect i've tried it twice, i even copied every answer and still got a score of 41. >.<

Ok i figured it out dont copy\paste answer nr: 27 (24901) type this one in manually.

Interesting. I didnt see your posts until just recently with school taking up a lot of my time. I checked the formatting and there is no space between it and the bulleted list so I dont know why that would be happening.

Ever think about indexing all your walkthroughs? I'd much rather keep help for NG games in-house, and not wander onto YouTube, casting about for a simple text answer... I bet you could score some ad-rev money with all the traffic to your pages.

I doubt that much of ad revenue would come my way besides I would likely have my channel suspended for using other people's work. Youtube is notorious for being copyright nazis.

Thanks for the walkthrough!